Work and the fickle art of redundancy

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August 23, 2012 by workitmamma

There are times in life when you should never let the moment pass. When that moment captured gives you clarity, breathing space and a sense of what it’s really all about.

Last night I didn’t sleep.Worried about our restructure at work. Would I have a job? I felt annoyed and angry. This morning I got up, got Arthur and I dressed and made my way to nursery and work. Still angry and anxious, planning my redundancy and feeling like this was possibly the worst day of the year so far.

I hadn’t noticed Arthur was particularly quiet until we got to nursery. I picked him up out of the pushchair – he grabbed my hand and, for the first time, said: “Mummy love” and kissed my nose. He knew I was feeling down and that was his way of letting me know. It made me cry and I walked to the office.

Here I am. I don’t care half as much if I have a job or not. I really don’t mind if I have to change offices – I’m  not bothered. I’m just counting the hours until I can pick him up from nursery and say thank you. I wanted to write this down because things and moments get lost and along with them persective. Sometimes we all need a moment – and mine was a kiss on the nose.


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