Ode to no. And how to look polished in ten minutes flat

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October 9, 2012 by workitmamma

I’ve not blogged for a while because we’ve been a poorly household. Well, Arthur has been ill and as such all of us have been running around rearranging work, meetings and generally catering to his every whim – oh to be a toddler. His demands would put Elton John to shame. I take your outrageous flower requests Mr John and I raise you four hours of Elmer books and wearing a small plastic chair on my head because it made him laugh.

Poor little chap is loads better now and I will share a little, slightly munchausen by proxy, secret – a little bit of me liked it when he was ill. His hot little body snuggled into me. Only I would do, mummy was number one. And, he would just sit on the sofa watching Cbeebies while I read magazines and ate chocolate.

He’s developed a love of the word no. “Do you want a drink?” ” No!”  Are you hungry?” “No!”…”Do you want some chocolate?” “No!”

“Ha ha – caught you out!”. It was a small victory but satisfying none the less.

After two weeks of being frazzled and sleep deprived I have been given some lovely new George at Asda makeup goodies. They come in lovely sleek packaging and I’ve been itching to try them for ages. Usually my make-up routine consists of slathering tinted moisuriser into the gaps, applying mascara and attempting to bring myself back to life with a rather enthusiastic amount of blusher. Well no more. I am now a goddess – or less frightening to those of a nervous disposition.

The new lipgloss range really is a triumph with fab colours that last. I used number 10 which had a lovely reddy hue without the hassle of colouring in your lips for hours. A quick slick and it lasted a good while leaving me looking like I’d just been eating raspberries – without the seeds and dribble. A really quick way to make yourself look decent without putting the hours in.

Yummy lipglass without the hefty price tag

I also used the highlighter and primer under my makeup, both great products which didn’t cost the earth but still performed. Perfect  for busy mornings and quick touch-ups. The packaging is sleek and the powder compact I tried basically looked like a far more expensve brand I usually use – you know the sleek black on with a couple of white letters. Makeup has come a long way and it does save time to be able to go food shopping and pick up some items that are not just inexpensive but good quality too – well done Asda!

Me all made up with my new makeup. Now the weirdo in the background is my wonderful other half. He thought his unexpected appearance was hilarious. I think – who’s laughing now sucker

Top tips;

Asda is now offering the flu jab for just £7. So go in, pick up your milk and bread and walk out protected from the lurgy. For £7 it’s such a bargain I’m going to conquer my needle phobia and go for it.


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