Empty shoes

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January 10, 2013 by workitmamma

I was closing the lid on Arthur’s play box and out of the corner of my eye I saw his first pair of cruisers. Squashed into the corner and stuffed into one of his tractors. I pulled them out and stood them on my hand. These tiny little soft shoes which saw him stumble his way to toddlerhood. A little piece of his journey that I’d forgotten or at least not thought about as we excitedly ticked off one milestone after another from the list of things Arthur must do.

I was so busy tracking his ‘progress’ that sometimes I forgot to savour the moment and create the memory of those little shoes. Sitting for a moment and tracing their tiny soles and squidging them in my hands it made me smile to remember. His first shoes – those first hesitant steps. Falling into mummy’s arms with, “well done, clever boy”, ringing in his tiny ears.

I must have sat for a good 15 minutes just thinking about all his adventures and surely this is the real joy of parenting. He won’t remember his shoes in years to come but I will – I’ll make sure I do.
I’ll also makes sure I remember his love of hovering with his toy hoover in the nude while wearing wellies – well, I have to have something to work with on his 18th!


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