Making your home safe – a moment of reflection


January 16, 2013 by workitmamma

I recently read a post from another blogger that took my breath away.
A mum with a story so raw and painful it left me, and many others who read it, in tears. The story of a loving mum who woke to find her beautiful three year old daughter dead. She’d pulled a dresser over and it had fallen on to her tiny body – I can’t do her pain any more justice that her thought-provoking, eloquent post
No one wants to be confronted by the single thing that would leave us utterly and helplessly heart-broken forever. We spend hours (or at least I know I did) pontificating about the right car seat but just take a moment to think about how much time you spend in your car compared to your home.

But it made me think. Child-proofing is such a detached phrase. Are we looking to protect our homes from children? It holds no emotion, no urgency and while we all know what we should do there is the overriding sense that ‘it will never happen to me’. Her story made me gasp and finally realise that is can and does happen to us and our children. So I for one will be securing all my furniture, cupboards and doors.
I’ll take a little time to plan, to think and to do those things on the bottom of the ‘to do’ list that just might save their lives – enough incentive?

We all know what to do but here are a few tips to get you started.

I’m a hoarder and a lover of clutter so for me it can be as simple as de-cluttering and selling some stuff to make walkways safer and clear space to store heavy or dangerous things.

Simple but make sure there are locks or catches on cupboards and doors where you store these things. Not just the kitchen cupboards as I had. I realised I had a cupboard full of old blinds, hoover parts and other bits that could easily end up causing injury.

1. With small babies we all know the drill –don’t use pillows before putting him or her down for a nap. And it’s best not to put the cot near a window, where he or she could grab onto dangling cords from window blinds. Make asure your changing table is secured safely.
2. On the subject of blinds – I popped into John Lewis and picked up one of their blind conversion kits. It was a doddle to fit.
3. Electrical outlets should be covered with plastic plugs so that kids aren’t tempted to stick anything in them.
4. The one that’s really top of my mind is securing the furniture to the wall – even if it seems far too big to fall over just do it. Better to have done it and never have the horror of wishing you did. Same goes for rugs and carpet runners – I’ve used them to cover stains but didn’t really think about how easy it is for little feet to trip over them.

Sometimes you do have to protect your house from the children too! So why not try washable paint.You can also get some great finishing waxes to keep your woodwork scratch-free. Finally, keeping pens, keys and other potentially destructive objects out of the reach of children is good for both their safety and the wallpaper you lovingly chose while naively child-free!

Of course all of us know this stuff but writing this blog has reminded me again so if it reminds just one more parent them I’m happy.

You could take a look at Lindham and Muchkin for some great products.There also some great places to sell your clutter, I sold my old laptops, two of which didn’t work! John Lewis are also fab for this type of thing and I managed to find some plug covers in Poundland last week so it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


5 thoughts on “Making your home safe – a moment of reflection

  1. well said, nice written and as you say if it makes one person think then it was worth your time writing this

  2. msmummyoftwo says:

    Lovely post, I think that lovely lady will be proud. Great post x

  3. I read that post you refer too aswell and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her. Thanks for this, I will share o G+ and twitter as I think it’s so important to baby proof the house. Great post

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