Jellyegg review and discount code for 15% off

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March 14, 2013 by workitmamma

When buying shoes for two-year-olds there are really only two options. Those you pick because they’re sensible and good for his growing little feet and those he picks. Ones with lights, vile colours and materials that last about a week.

So it’s nice to get sent something to review that he’s keen on and something I ‘m pretty happy with too. The children’s crocs from Jellyegg are really cute! Arthur’s are the Crocs Kids Chameleons Alien Clog and quite honestly he loves them. To be fair they’re not really going to be worn much with the weather we’ve been having but last weekend when the sun was shining (blink and you may have missed it), he wore them in the garden and helped me do some digging. They also live up to their name and just like a cameleon they change colour in the sunlight!

Arthur's funky Crocs

Arthur’s funky Crocs

They are robust enough to keep his feet safe and I would say are perfect for beach days and pottering around outside when he doesn’t want ‘proper’ shoes on. They are really hardy and far better than other options like the old jelly shoes. They are also very comfortable – I know this because it took ages for me to persuade Arthur to take them off! They are also easy for him to get on and off which means he doesn’t get frustrated when he wants to get out in the garden quickly. I also found them easy to clean and far more practical that I first thought they’d be.

There’s loads of kids colours and styles to choose from and if you fancy indulging then here’s a discount code so you can bag yourself 15% discount too. Just use WORKIT15 – happy shopping!

I was sent the shoes in return for an honest review


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