Easter Shenanigans

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April 4, 2013 by workitmamma

It was very hard getting up and back into the swing of work this morning – we over slept and I think it was partly due to the fact I was refusing to believe the Easter weekend was finally over.

Why is it when you’re staring at a long weekend from the right end it feels like a huge expanse of time with days sprawling out in front of you. You plan activities, time with family, visits to the coast and crazy plans to cook up 15 different dishes you’ve never had time to attempt before (perhaps that’s just me). Once it’s started you’re so busy doing stuff that you suddenly look up and it’s over.

On Friday Arthur and I did made some dubious looking hand puppets, I’ve never been great with arts and crafts and I fear the little man has inherited my ‘crap at art’ gene. We both spent a lot of time looking at each other confused and a little bemused about what it was we’d actually created.
Jonathan looked at the mutant rabbit for a while and said: “Oh it’s a fun Easter thing!” Yes people we had created an ‘Easter thing’. To be fair it’s probably the best description and far less insulting to the endless stream of beautiful bunnies and chicks our friends have created. But we didn’t care!


Next up was cake and bird’s nest baking – much better! I make a mean cake and this was a chocolate and banana creation topped with mini eggs and surrounded by Shredded Wheat nests. I do wonder, however, who these people are, the ones who have serene and wonderful baking experiences with their children where they work as a team and giggle and laugh while a touch of flour adorns their noses.
Ours was a battle of wits, would I be able to reach the spatula before he’d consumed the
full bowl of raw egg and margarine – he won. Next he had a small melt down when I refused to let him eat all the melted chocolate. Mind you it did take every ounce of willpower I had too so fair play – he’s only two! Giving him his own bowl with a small amount of ingredients was my next master plan. It worked for about two minutes until he tipped it on the work surface. I stopped to clear it up only for him to whip my bowl away and snuffle half the mixture – he’s a cunning fox my boy.

Eventually we emerged triumphant and glowing (though that may have been the egg yolk drying in our hair).

Arthur’s always so keen to see his cousins Florence and Jimmy so an Easter egg hunt at my mum and dad’s on Saturday was perfect. My dad had created a treasure hunt style event with clues and special Easter bags – it really was lovely. I get such a kick out of seeing them all together and even little Jimmy was able to join in a bit – he’s walking now so will soon be right in there. I love my dad – I know that’s a pretty standard statement but I really do. I never say it but he’s just amazing and no one can ever make me feel better than him. I love watching him with his grandchildren – he’s the rock in our family.
Mum – you rock too, more than you know, but it’s dad’s turn this week!

Arthur and Florence hunting for eggs

Arthur and Florence hunting for eggs


Arthur is just starting to play with other children rather than that thing they do of playing side by side. It’s lovely to see and I can’t wait to watch this new skill grow.

On Sunday we all trundled over to my uncle in Suffolk – another great day catching up and increasing my warm family glow. Sunday really made me realise how important these days are. Moments when all the generations sit together, memories shared and created in the same moment. We realised it would have been my Grandpop Seppy’s 100th birthday this year. Arthur will never know him or my amazing Grandma who broke new ground and made decisions for her family for which I’ll be eternally grateful – maybe I’ll tell her story on here soon. Days like Sunday keep them alive and will mean Arthur knows the family I know and love and the stories that frame our world.

On Monday me, the boy and Jonathan heading off to the coast and it was utterly beautiful. Just simple and easy and Arthur loved it splashing in the tidal puddles and falling over in the sand. We had proper fish and chips and soaked up the last of the Bank Holiday loveliness.

My boy at the beach

My boy at the beach


So it’s Wednesday now and I’m still a little sad but I’ve refilled the bank of fun and memory building for a while. Lots of people played a role in our wonderful weekend, mums, dads, grannies, nannas, grandpas, papas, cousins, brother – I could go on. This weekend reminded me that bringing up a family is so much more than just the people you live with. It’s the people who weave through our memories, cook our favourite meal because they’ve known you since you were born; tell stories, love you and your children unquestioningly. Thank you to everyone – it really was special.

Almost worth having another baby……
I’m really excited because Bugaboo’s latest collaboration is with the iconic creature of contemporary cool – Andy Warhol.
Who hasn’t seen the epic Marilyn images? His work continues to be influential so sits perfectly with Bugaboos passion for innovation and style.
In May 2013 Bugaboo and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts launch the Warhol-inspired pushchair accessories. The collaboration celebrates the artist’s love for children’s inquisitive and creative minds and his ability to create timeless work that transcends any age or time period.
The Flowers series
Warhol explored his fascination with the fragility and beauty of flowers. Showcasing an eclectic mix of bright red and charcoal black, the selected print is both sophisticated and fun. The Flowers print is used on the sun canopy and tailored fabric set for the Bugaboo Bee, Bugaboo Cameleon3, and the Bugaboo Donkey. In addition, Bugaboo introduces a striking Flowers parasol, including Warhol’s famous print in light blue and green.


The Cars Collection
The chosen print origins from 1962 and represents a sense of movement tying in effortlessly with Bugaboo’s go-and- explore-in-style vision. The Cars Collection integrates a playful, bold and graphical print in black and off-white and is featured on the sun canopies and tailored fabric sets for the Bugaboo Bee, Bugaboo Cameleon3, and the Bugaboo Donkey.

As I said…almost worth having a baby for!


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