Hypothetical diets and a small persons obsession with cake

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April 8, 2013 by workitmamma

So this week I’m starting my assault on my meagre and somewhat embarrassing fitness levels.
I’ve been on a diet hypothetically for quite some time and I’ve been thinking about it really well. I’ve planned meals that haven’t quite happened and gazed at aisles of fruit and veg on my journey to the baguettes. Yes, in theory, I’ve got this diet thing down – I think you get the point.

So, next to tackle my lack of movement. Step one involved removing the bum-shaped crater in my sofa. Done. Step two was buying some lovely new workout gear and trainers – also done. Step three – move, very fast. This one’s taken a lot more hypothesizing but tonight I’m actually putting it into practise and I’m going to Zumba.

fat3  fat4

“Zumba, zumba”, I’ve heard it whispered through the ladies loos at work, seen frighteningly pink posters promising ‘the ride of your life’ and even sheepishly stood at the back of a class once. But the instructor was a chap who insisted on kicking a make-believe football every time we finished a move. Most off-putting and clearly I couldn’t go back again.

Tonight is different and I promise I will go and go again and again until this wobbly body resembles something like the pre-baby bod I once knew. In all seriousness I do feel like I don’t know my body anymore. Like it’s slipping further and further away from me and if I don’t grasp it back now it may never happen.

I want to understand what it can do, remember it could run and dance and not lose, completely the me that did dance and move and go to the gym.
So I’ll let you know how I get on and I will be putting theory into practise with my diet too. Any tips gratefully received!

Me and the boy
Arthur has a burgeoning obsession with making cakes, every time I pick him up from nursery and ask what he’s done he says: ‘Mix cakes’ which I know he hasn’t, having chatted to the girls about his day. We get home and he immediately wants to have some cake and has even resorted to imaginary play where he takes his little trolley and buys treats, most of which are, you guessed it – ‘cake’.

We made cakes at the weekend so I’ve been fuelling this obsession – in fact I’m sure I’m pretty much to blame for this obsession. Perhaps I can use this power to my advantage and cultivate an obsession for clean bedrooms, teeth-cleaning, getting dressed. Hmmm – who am I kidding.


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