The Lullaby Trust


April 10, 2013 by workitmamma

Jennie, who writes the Edspire blog has asked the blogging community to write something to promote the new name of the FSID charity who have today become known as The Lullaby Trust.

Jennie and her family sadly lost their beautiful daughter, Matilda Mae a few weeks ago and she’s bravely been sharing her journey through her blog. Jennie has been working closely with The Lullaby Trust and now, with this new name change, we’re coming together to help build recognition for the charity. The Lullaby Trust supports families like hers as well as doing everything they can to fund research in the hope that this can be prevented from happening to other families in the future.They have chosen their new name because they hope it will be more approachable for families going through the unthinkable.

I can’t think of any words more beautiful than those Jennie has already written but here’s my support:

“If it weren’t for music, I would think that love is mortal.” ― Mark Helprin, A Soldier of the Great War.
Forever Tilda
Sleep softly little baby and remember we are here
You’ll never wake to sorrow only joyous memories
We’ll only hold you closely and never fear your tears
Sleep softly little baby be sure your work is done
Our world forever changed with warmth from you little one
Sleep softly little baby and know our tears will fall in heaven where you’ll catch them in your arms and hold them closely forever.


8 thoughts on “The Lullaby Trust

  1. Helen Braid says:

    Beautiful! This part is my favourite…

    Sleep softly little baby be sure your work is done
    Our world forever changed with warmth from you little one


  2. Françoise says:

    Fell in tears when reading the two lines quoted by All at Sea… Very moving.

  3. Jennie says:

    So beautiful thank you so much for remembering Matilda Mae and supporting The Lullaby Trust x

  4. Beautiful! Has brought tear to my eyes for little angels to catch.

  5. That’s really lovely xx

  6. How beautiful. And comforting to think that yes, baby Tilda will never feel pain and upset- only ever happiness in her tragically short life. And every photo of her smiling is testament to the happiness she felt, brought on by the fact she was surrounded by pure love! Thankyou so much for linking up and helping to raise awareness of The Lullaby Trust

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