Countdown to Lollibop 2013

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May 26, 2013 by workitmamma

Last year, one of the best days out Arthur and I had was the fantastic Lollibop Festival.

Aimed at little people the festival is basically a celebrations of all things children. I remember we got there as the gates opened and were some of the last to leave – that’s no mean feat with a bunch of toddlers and a hot sunny day. We had a ball and if you’re tempted to go then here’s what we got up to last year.

I’m so excited about going again this year. I can’t wait to see Arthur’s face again when he’s sees his favourite characters come to life before his little eyes. The live stages were just brilliant and I will never forget his face when The Gruffalo and Waybuloo took to the stage.

This year all the best bits are back, with some great new stuff too. The live stages are still to be announced but Cloudbabies, Dick and Dom, and Poppy Cat will be there as well as the returning Lollibop Kitchen and the Lollipalladium.

Arthur was subdued when Waybuloo took to the stage last year!

Arthur was subdued when Waybuloo took to the stage last year!

It was just such a great place to wander around knowing your children would be amazed and entertained in equal measures. On a practical note I remember the facilities were so good too, with a huge baby changing tent, with wipes and nappies and loads of staff around to help out.

Last year it was in Regent’s Park and this year it’s moved to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on August 16,17 and 18 and I’m really looking forward to seeing the park and making the most of another wonderful year at Lollibop. Roll on August!


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