I’m a working mum with a two-year-old son, Arthur. He provides endless entertainment on my quest for the elusive 25th hour. I want to blog about anything that comes my way to make life easier for working mums.

Me and my boy often review products and days out and share tales of our exploits and I can often be found posting whimsical witterings about those issues affecting our lives – mine and the boy’s that is.

I love my life but I’m a lazy girl in a busy woman’s body so any short-cuts are very welcome – who doesn’t want to bask in the smug glow of sucess, at home or at work, knowing you’ve made the odd cheat along the way!

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Or if you want to talk reviews, guest posts or anything else feel free to drop me an email:


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mama H says:

    Hello – we just found each other on Twitter (@oneformybaby12) so I thought I’d pop over. I look forward to reading more – I need this 25th hour of which you speak! xxx

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